In your role as a medical professional, social worker, or counselor, do you know how to assist your client if she seems unsure about parenting and an adoption plan is not in place? What about if she has made an adoption plan already and just delivered. Do you know how to support her in her decision? 


Through Gladney Center for Adoption, we offer CEU & CNE trainings specifically for you that outlines the provider's role in the adoption process:

Adoption Best Practices 

  • Be a connector
    Provide adoption resources and information. Anyone can learn more about adoption by contacting Gladney directly, by calling or texting 1-800-GLADNEY or visiting 
    *(Follow your hospital policy regarding disseminating information.) 
  • Start a conversation
    “Would you like to speak to someone to learn more information about your options and able to offer support?” 
    “It seems like you’re having a hard time. Would you like to talk? (with me or the social worker?) 
  • Respect Privacy or Adhere to HIPAA
    In adoption, not everyone shares personally identifying information. When confirming details respect the privacy of all parties. 
  • Follow your patient’s lead
    Your patient may experience grief at the hospital. Grief is normal in adoption and the best thing you can offer is a listening ear or resources for her. Our educators can help you understand the grief process your patients might be experiencing and the atypical ways it might present. 

Words Matter 


Why don’t you want to keep the baby? 

Why are you giving your baby away? 



Can you tell me about your adoption plan? 

Tell me about your plan for this child? 


Real or Natural parent or child 


Expectant Mother 

Biological Parent 

Birth Parent 

Adoptive Parent 


Give up for adoption 

Put up for adoption 


Place for adoption 

Make an adoption plan 


We also provide information on:

Monthly, Gladney University provides medical professionals, counselors, social service advocates and community members with cutting edge continuing education programs by offering relevant and engaging, web-based and in person educational adoption and child welfare resources. Plus, Gladney University offers a podcast, reFRAMED, for anyone who has a love for children and a desire to meet their needs. Each episode is a conversation with a specialist in their field that provides tips on turning traditional parenting into mindful parenting. 

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