Season 1: Episode 9
Staci Danford from The Business of Gratitude on reFRAMED Podcast Emily Morehead, LPC, and Staci Danford, MBE,  talk about reframing your brain with gratitude. As the episode explores the difference between casual thanks and meaningful gratitude, you will start to see how practicing gratitude can impact your life in a real way. You will learn not only why practicing gratitude is important, but also how you can do it and teach your sphere of influence to practice gratitude as well. In this enlightening conversation, Staci unpacks the science of gratitude in a simple way that only someone with her background and level of expertise could achieve.  
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Our Guest:

Staci Danford is an education neuroscientist specializing in the science of gratitude. As a former teacher, a mother, and an experienced MBE, we are delighted to have Staci as a guest.

After winning The Fort Worth Top Ten Teacher Award, Staci decided it was the perfect time to go back to school and pursue her longtime passion of Neuroscience. Her Master’s degree, which originated at Harvard University, is called ‘Mind, Brain and Education’. Combining scientific research and a cognitive awareness of how the brain processes emotional information, Staci merged this new material with the lessons she’d learned in the classroom. Using one life altering sentence from a “lost 16-year-old boy,” she developed her entire Graduate Research study and created a message about GRATITUDE that would later change the lives of people all over the world.

Staci is a one-of-a-kind mix of Neuroscience and Joy who teaches that the practice of scientific gratitude is like a magical “thank you” for your brain. It can change your business productivity, health, relationships, and most of all: gratitude teaches you to see the good in others while uncovering the best within yourself!


Show Notes:

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The difference between the mind and the brain and how they interact with each other.
  • How practicing gratitude rewires the human brain.
  • How to cope with trauma and other hard life situations by practicing gratitude.
  • How we can be a light to others by practicing gratitude for ourselves.
  • Understanding the science behind practicing gratitude and how it releases endorphins into the brain. 
  • Everyday ways to meaningfully practice gratitude and be present in the beauty of a moment. 

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