Season 1: Episode 10
Emily Morehead, LPC, and Bailey Guthrie, Gladney adoptive parent, and Ashley Whiteside, LMSW, talk about reframing the adoption journey through domestic infant adoption. Bailey and Ashley discuss the process of adoption, along with the emotions adoptive parents are likely going through and experiencing during and before the adoption journey. Bailey explains her story of loss and grief associated with her personal experience of her son's adoption process. Ashley gives adoptive parents advice on how to deal with the emotions surrounding adoption.
Reframing Your Adoption JOurney
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Our Guest:

Ashley Whiteside is currently the manager of Gladney's domestic infant program. She has been at Gladney for fourteen years and is a licensed master's level social worker in Texas.

Bailey Guthrie is a proud adoptive mom of a two year old boy. She and her husband were never diagnosed with infertility, but have been on a journey of ups and downs and losses along the way. 


Show Notes:

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Emotions adoptive parents are experiencing after walking through the doors of Gladney
    • loss or guidance with adoption 
  • Bailey's journey through the adoption process with grief and loss 
  • Different resources families can use to work through their grief and loss
  • Choosing the option of adoption and knowing the right time to adopt
  • Telling your caseworker about previous losses and how they can make the process better
  • Bumps and triggers adoptive families can experience on their journey
  • How to cope with getting matched and the match falling through
  • Questioning the path of adoption and the confusion that comes with it
  • Sharing Bailey's adoption journey with family and friends

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