December 9, 2021 | 10 am to 12 pm

Since adoptive parents and (and the professionals who support them!!) often cannot remove themselves from stressful situations, they benefit from learning how to shift their nervous system into a state of regulation even in the midst of chaos. By leaning into the latest brain science on regulation and self-compassion, this webinar will help you identify and harness already existing opportunities to practice moments of rest and regulation in order to strengthen your resilience and decrease burn-out. This workshop will leave you inspired to find moments of joy and rest hidden in plain sight- no expensive, impractical, unsustainable or otherwise unhelpful suggestions for self-care, promise!


Robyn Gobbel - Gladney UniversityRobyn Gobbel, LMSW-Clinical, loves coffee, P!NK, and everything about the brain. Once (recently!) her teenager went ballistic on her for getting ANOTHER (glitter!) coffee mug in the mail. Robyn loves cultivating deep, resonant connections with anyone who is up for it, and is especially fond of all the grown-ups in the world who love and care for kids impacted by trauma- helpers, healers, educators, and parents.  Her favorite thing ever (besides glittery coffee mugs) is teaching anyone who will listen to harness the power of neuroscience so they can cultivate deep, resonant connections. What would change in the world if we could all do that? To see, be with, feel, and deeply know each other…and ourselves. Robyn thinks everything could change.  You can get your hands on all sorts of free resources at, including her podcast, Parenting after Trauma with Robyn Gobbel. 


Are Continuing Education Units (CEUs) provided through this training?

We are happy to offer .2 social work and counseling CEUs for those who attend. Certificates of Completion of 2 contact hours per workshop is also available for all attendees.

Is this event virtual?

Yes.  The event will be broadcast on ZOOM.

Will the event be recorded?


Where can I find other Gladney University trainings?

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