The Domestic Infant Support Fund was originated to provide assistance to flexible families, reducing the costs and breaking down financial barriers associated with the adoption of infants or older children through the Gladney Domestic Infant Program.

Each family must meet the adoption program qualifications and those outlined below before the request for a support fund may be submitted.

An annual summary of gifts awarded will be provided to the Donors of the Adoption Support Funds after August 31st of each year, or once the donated funds are fully depleted.

Family Qualifications:
  1. Families with a financial need or extraordinary circumstances
  2. Willing to consider a child with potential medical needs based on the background information of the expectant mother
  3. Ability to qualify for adoption with the Gladney Center for Adoption, meeting all State Licensing Minimum Standards
  4. If a second adoption, must be in compliance with post placement agreement
  5. Letter from the family written to the support donors upon support approval, before funds will be applied
  6. Willing to participate in a Gladney Family Association, virtually or in person
  7. Willing to seek additional financial aid from other sources
Gift Amounts and Terms:
  1. Gifts from $1,000 up to $10,000 increments may be awarded.
  2. The support money will be awarded as a credit against outstanding adoption fee balances after the home study process and Gladney approves the family.
  3. Grants will be awarded based on need as well as on how much money is available in Gladney’s Domestic Infant Support Fund.
Adoption Process with the Support Fund Application:
  1. Attend Orientation
  2. Submit Adoption Application with 25% of adoption fee, home study fee and Adoption Support Fund Application
  3. Complete Home Study
  4. If approved for adoption, receive notification of amount of award, if any
    1. If an amount is awarded, the total remaining fee will be reduced by the amount of the award
    2. There is no guarantee that a Gladney Adoption Grant will be awarded, either due to lack of available grant funding or lack of qualifying for the available grant dollars.
    3. If a grant is not awarded, no refund will be available.
  5. Prospective Adoptive Parents submit a letter to Gladney which will be forwarded to the donor(s) sharing their story, and expressing their appreciation and use of the donor’s funding in reducing the costs of the adoption
  6. Submit approval fee (50% of total fee, minus any award that is granted)
Gladney Adoption Grant Application Process:
  1. Prospective Adoptive Parents will request grant application from the Gladney Program Assistant during the Adoption Application process.
  2. Application will be considered by the Support Fund Committee, whose members include:
    1. Manager of Adoptive Parent Services;
    2. Gladney CFO
  3. If the Support Fund Committee approves the family for an award, the funds will be credited on their Gladney fee statement by their program assistant.
  4. A letter will be sent to the family notifying them of the award, including the amount of the award, and the new balance of their account, which is contingent upon their writing a letter of appreciation to the donor.
  5. If a family is not approved for an award, the family will be notified within 30 days after application review.



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